Real women have... labels

One thing that has always bugged me is the whole ‘real women have curves’ thing. 
Now wait- before you punch me in the face, let me explain.

As a woman, with curves I can tell you right now... I have friends without curves and they are no less real than me.  I remember looking through wedding dresses years ago and it was under the category of ‘real women’. My non-plus friend looking through them with me paused and asked with humor, “Well... what does that make me?”

I see posters that say, “Guys like meat, only dogs like bones.”  How is this appropriate?  Or: “Curves make the difference between looking like a boy and looking like a woman.” WHAT?! I know tons of girls who were born without curves of any kind and they are gorgeous. Are they supposed to do surgery to look like something they’re not? This is exactly the message we are NOT going for!

As women shouldn’t we all be celebrating one another in all our differing  shapes?  Why are we focussed on tearing each other down?  In all this searching all I  found were more awful things women were saying to one another.

How about this? Curves or not, you’re a real woman. Because being a woman doesn’t begin and end with your looks. It’s awesome that there is more acceptance towards girls of different shapes and sizes, but we don’t need to make others feel like garbage to to do so, as it shows little true confidence.

Equality is just that – being equal. Not trying to bring down others to elevate ourselves.  Just standing next to someone less curvy and being confident that we were all created different but equal.  That’s what makes the world interesting!

But in all my searching, know what quote I found that I did like and really gave the right message?

“You be you and I’ll be me.”



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