Real women have... labels

One thing that has always bugged me is the whole ‘real women have curves’ thing. 
Now wait- before you punch me in the face, let me explain.

As a woman, with curves I can tell you right now... I have friends without curves and they are no less real than me.  I remember looking through wedding dresses years ago and it was under the category of ‘real women’. My non-plus friend looking through them with me paused and asked with humor, “Well... what does that make me?”

I see posters that say, “Guys like meat, only dogs like bones.”  How is this appropriate?  Or: “Curves make the difference between looking like a boy and looking like a woman.” WHAT?! I know tons of girls who were born without curves of any kind and they are gorgeous. Are they supposed to do surgery to look like something they’re not? This is exactly the message we are NOT going for!

As women shouldn’t we all be celebrating one another in all our differing  shapes?  Why are we focussed on tearing each other down?  In all this searching all I  found were more awful things women were saying to one another.

How about this? Curves or not, you’re a real woman. Because being a woman doesn’t begin and end with your looks. It’s awesome that there is more acceptance towards girls of different shapes and sizes, but we don’t need to make others feel like garbage to to do so, as it shows little true confidence.

Equality is just that – being equal. Not trying to bring down others to elevate ourselves.  Just standing next to someone less curvy and being confident that we were all created different but equal.  That’s what makes the world interesting!

But in all my searching, know what quote I found that I did like and really gave the right message?

“You be you and I’ll be me.”



5 items or less presents: Brigitte Bardot


I love Brigitte Bardot’s look. And of course because she’s a French woman she’s automatically sexy. And so this morning, I rolled out of bed, my messy hair inspiridng me to do a make-over inspired by Brigitte. Do I expect to look like her at all? Heck no. But she has a distinctive look that I think most women can really pull off and look very sultry! 

And I thought I would introduce my own way of doing this – with 5 items or less. As in 5 beauty items or less and 5 hair items or less. Why? Because not everyone can afford an arsenal of items at any given time! Mine are affordable and found most anywhere! 

Try to ignore the hideous eyelash extensions that won’t die (as reviewed in my earlier posts).  Let’s start with makeup. Here was my 5 item arsenal.

And now for hair. Here was my arsenal.

Items used for hair; Herbal Essences Flexible hold hairspray, large bobby pins, normal hair brush, toilet roll!

Lots of fun to do! But I definitely don't think I could do this much eye makeup on a regular basis!


The nails have it

I love how nail polish and nail decorating is just taking it to the max these days! Not only is neon making a comeback in an awesome non-80′s way, but spider manicures to delightful kawaii nail design I am just loving them! Take a look below to see some that I am really digging these days.

I dig polka dots. Any time of year.

Sally Hansen, I may just have to try your Salon Effects.

Short nails are in! I am in business!
Spiders in real life? Horrifying. Spider manicures? Surprisingly awesome.

I admit it. I am in love with this whole newspaper nails trend. And following the image will lead you to a DIY tutorial on how to get these parchment perfect nails! 

Tall ships, tall shoes

Back in June the hubby and I headed out to Richmond to see the tallships!

They were pretty cool, but I’ll admit I was really only going for my hubby and the weather was brutally hot! There was a lot of walking involved and I was definitely regretting the tall wedges I decided to wear! The dress however was breezy and I felt very cute in it. Its very rare that I find a dress from H&M that actually fits me – so I was pretty thrilled with this! It looks whiter in the photos, but it was actually a light tan/beige color.

Dress by H&M , wedges Fioni, purse 50 cents at a secondhand store!

While I did feel extremely cute, I did feel extremely overdressed looking at Tallships!

Product Review - Duralash Combo Pack - Ardell

I blame Audrey Hepburn for a lot. She gave me unrealistic expectations of beauty, poise, grace and fashion. She made it seem effortless and natural. She made me think that bangs were a good idea on me, that a ponytail can looks sweet and mature. But most of all, Audrey made it seem like eyelashes were always long and perfect.

She lied.

Because of this, and because my genetics landed me with short, stubby eyelashes, I have forever been after the doe-eyed beauty that came along with long, lustrous lashes. Ever since my youth I have been trying and trying to achieve the look of a natural, effortless look.

And when I did find a look I liked, it was never permanent. So when I went to the mall the other day and stumbled upon Ardell's Duralash Combo pack for semi permanent eyelashes (results were advertised to last around 3 weeks) I was elated.

That is, until I used them.

Duralash Combo Pack Review

As you see, the package comes with short, medium and long flared lashes for a more natural look and looking below I think they looked fairly decent.

The Pros

* Affordable at $9 on average (but to create a more natural look I added Ardell 'Singles' to the look at $6)

* Fairly simple application

The Cons

* The glue turns flaky, and leaves white flakes in your eyelashes (pictured below)

* Do NOT last long. Barely two days on average.

* If they do last more than two days, the lashes start to kink and look like spiders legs. Horrid. Photo below shows what I'm talking about!

* The 'Remover' does NOT remove the lashes, and BURNS like nothing else!

This product was really quite a joke. I admit, I should know that if I'm paying under $20 I am getting what I pay for, but I really feel that this product ruins your eyelashes! Not only does the 'remover' not work at all it burns! That being said, it is affordable and aside from the flaking, I thought that the eyelashes looked rather pretty. But that was always temporary since the lashes never stuck around more than two days - but the glue sure did! I think I'll just try to accept my lashes for what they are instead of ruining them with faulty products like this.

Bottom line: * out of *****

When in doubt

"When in doubt, wear red." - Billy Blass

I have been wearing red lipstick since I was a teenager. At first it started as this strange, foreign concept. Lipstick was for special occasions - dances, graduations.... but one day I just wore it for the heck of it and was inundated with compliments! And if I'm a sucker for anything, it's compliments. The more I wore it, the more I loved it! Not only did it make my teeth look whiter, but it made
me feel beautiful and confident. Which, let's face it - is the core to any style or fashion - do you feel gorgeous in it? Then it's a win!

But red is definitely not only for lips. And since it’s summer, I’d love to showcase some red summer items that I think are fun and reasonably priced! Click on the image if you’re interested in seeing where to buy it!



My shade of choice: Loreal's 312 - Ravishing Red!

A short introduction

“I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.”
—Katherine Hepburn

Welcome to my corner of the world.I created this blog as a space for the fashion and budget conscious women possessing curves. I am not a professional, I have no real experience in fashion, but I feel I have a unique sense of style.

Also included in this blog are unbiased product reviews direct from the source - me! From hair to socks, I will review it all! If you're anything like me- you want to look your best on a budget!

This isn’t to say only the voluptuous may enjoy this blog – style is style! So please stay and enjoy! I have an ever changing sense of style and so come back often!

Pleased to meet you - hope you enjoy!

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